Bitcoin break 55k showing strong growth while stock market moves in opposite direction. These trends can accelerate crypto investments by institutional players.

If all US based financial advisors follow this strategy and 5% of investment portfolios convert to bitcoin price per btc will increase to $2.5 mil.

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Many people believed that February was going to be a massive month for Bitcoin and March would see a big pull back. Crypto offers us an interesting paradox because it is predictably cyclical and yet on a smaller scale wildy unpredictable. It is starting to look like September is going to be an extremely bullish month for Bitcoin where we will see it establish strong support above $50k. But what does this mean for altcoins? It means most likely

El Salvador's parliament approves $150 million bitcoin trust. The fund will be managed by the Development Bank of El Salvador (Bandesal). Minister of Economy also suggested a possibility of increasing the initial $150 million allocation.

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Coinbase is converting 500 mil USD of it's impressive 4.4 billion balance sheet reserves to crypto and has committed to allocate 10% of the quarterly profits to crypto. Major growth is coming.

United Wholesale Mortgage (NYSE:UWMC) will start accepting Bitcoin in third quarter as mortgage payments.

As crypto market retakes 2 trillion, Walmart Seeking to Hire Digital, Cryptocurrency Lead. Adoption by retail giants like Wallmart and Amazon will push price of bitcoin over 100k.

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